Cinosargo and Marginalia at Frankfurter Buchmesse (14 oct)


Presentation of Cinosargo and Marginalia publishing labels

 Hora: 14 oct 2020 10:00 AM Ciudad de México

 Cinosargo is a printed label and multimedia project with more than fourteen years of operation and a hundred titles published. It is a cross-border project that was born in the north of Chile, on the borders with Peru and Bolivia. 

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Cinosargo has become one of the publishing projects with the greatest projection and continuity in the southern country. With its current headquarters in Mexico, it seeks to project the books of its catalog and the literary work of its authors to new continents and establish networks and articulations with projects of a similar nature. The project of Cinosargo includes translations and co-publishing work. The label is represented by Milvia Alata Tejedo from Peru and Daniel Rojas Pachas from Chile.

Marginalia is an emerging label from Chile dedicated to the essay genre. With a growing catalog that includes long-standing authors such as Mario Montalbetti and Juan Cristóbal Mac Lean and translations of foreign authors into Spanish. Marginalia seeks to open a space to a genre of great importance in the continent but of little diffusion in the Chilean market.

This talk will be held in Spanish and English.


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